The Quadrant System: Navigating Stress in Sport


The Quadrant System: Navigating Stress in Team Sport In a high performance setting, the ability to adapt to stress and chaos is crucial to a team's success. For sports medicine and performance practitioners, understanding how to manage these stressors is a primary responsibility. However, the placement of a strength and conditioning stimulus around the sport can be a difficult task. In this course you will learn the principles behind systematizing sport training and physical preparation within a chaotic team setting. Topics Explored in Course: ✔Training Stress Consolidation ✔Load Management/Monitoring ✔Systematizing Exercise Selection ✔Creating/Automating Decision Systems ✔Short-term Periodization ✔Long-term Periodization ✔Strategic Athlete Grouping Included: Video Presentations (4hrs) The Quadrant System (Ebook) The Quadrant Planner (Excel) 10 Sections 10 Quizzes 1 Final Assessment 0.7 NSCA CEUs PREVIEW THE COURSE 👇

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