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Team sports induce various forms of stress on the body.  For sports medicine and performance practitioners, understanding how to choose and manage stress is a primary responsibility.  However, the placement of a strength and conditioning stimulus around the sport can be a difficult task.  In this text you will learn the principles behind systematizing sport training and physical preparation.


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“Simply, The Quadrant System is a one stop shop for understanding, and more importantly, organizing physical stressors.  The simplicity of the system is where the magic truly lies, and this is why it is a tool for any and every coach, no matter what sport they are involved with.”

-Cory Schlesinger (Director of Performance – Phoenix Suns)


“I’ve seen this system work at the highest level of basketball.  If your goal is to keep athletes fresh while improving physical qualities, this is the system for you.”

-Ryan Anderson (12 year NBA Veteran, 2011-12 Most Improved Player)


“In a profession where excessive information clouds judgement I cannot think of a better remedy to simplify a coach’s process.  The Quadrant System puts us back in control.”

-Lee Taft (World-Renowned Speed Specialist)

The Quadrant System: Navigating Stress in Team Sport (PAPERBACK)

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